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Manage user profile

Register an account with PulseHealth, make changes of your own prefernce to your profile and control who see's and reacts to your profile

Get updated with health and wellness newsfeed

To be more informed on how to live healthy and stay healthy, PulseHealth keeps all users posted and updated on health and wellness information

Monitor and track calories burnt

Pulse health has technologies and matrices that allow you to monitor and track how you are progressing in maintainging a balanced weight through analysing your calories count

Scan and connect your wearable

For a better and more informed digital wellness experience, PulseHealth comes bundled with tracker wearables and smartwatches that users can pair to by scanning the wearable device name and connecting it to the PulseHealth App.

Monitor and track your steps and distance covered

With PulseHealth you can monitor and track the daily steps you take and the distance you cover when connected to the app and running the PulseHealth activities. Users are able to receive notifications easily and also track wellness activities even without carrying their smartphones.

Earn loyalty points

PulseHealth allows you to earn PulsePoints as you engage in the app activities. Your PulsePoints can then be redeemable from various PulseHealth partners

Health Education

Through our Newsfeed section, we aim to promote, maintain and improve the health of the community. This entails areas like chronic disease awareness and prevention, maternal and infant health, tobacco use and substance abuse, injury and violence prevention, mental and behavioral health, nutrition etc.

Health Checkups

Having regular health check ups helps to find problems before they even start. Early detection of any problems gives one the best chance of fighting diseaases off without any complications encountered.

Activity Tracking

Activity tracking which comes in many forms has been proven to improve health outcomes. Tracking motivates one throughout the day as one is able to track their progress. It is useful as a goal setting tool as it helps one focus on a clear goal and above all, it keeps one accountable.

Sleep Monitoring

As much as being active is important, sleep is also of utmost importance . Monitoring of sleep will allow one to identify whether they are getting enough sleep as compared to the amount of activity they have done during the day. Lack of quality sleep affects one's mood, weight, exercise performance, brain health, etc..

Data Analytics

The data collected from the devices is converted into analytics to gain better insights. These insights assist different partners in coming up with informed wellness programs which are structured to suit their audience which will ensure a successful program.

Integrated Reward System

Through PulseHealth helps to incentivize client engagement in wellness activities by adoptions of an integrated reward system. The reward system allows the system users to earn points that can be redeemed for real products and services listed by our solution partners. Redeemeable products vary from fitness gear, groceries, to holiday trips and other accessories.

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